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Search Engine Optimized Your Blog

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Search Engine optimized is a alone legal way you can get visitors tons of  but main thing how much you are honest with your work and positive I saw many people leave work in half way when they get visitors so keep calm and do work with honest don not use copy content use fresh content and with your mind as much you can not too much. SEO is not a complicated thing everything nothing imposable in This World today I will tell you how to make Search Engine Optimized blog.

Search Engine Optimized Your Blog

1. Social book marking button is important for your  blog popularity and page rank let suppose some one read your post and he like or share your post its mean his friend list or followers get notification about your post so must you put  share button or like or follow any social sharing button.

 2. Use post title unique work that search engine robot identify easily what is in your post.

 3. Use Meta Tag description it is help full for search query when visitors will search any key words then post title or meta description is main to show up about your post.

4. Submit your URL to search engine like Google or Bing both are important search engine.

5. Use Optimized images some time visitor come to your site through images use ALT-Text.

6. Submit your blog in Google Webmaster.Why you need to submit because some time google delay to index your blog if you will submit your blog then google will identify that you are really owner of this blog  and your blog will index quicker .

This post is helpful for you right just give one minute to share to this post to help others too next post i will explain one by one above all things with definition and screen shot.

Rashid Minhaj

Rashid Minhaj is a (B.Tech Holder in Electronics), who is working online for last 7 years, He mostly creates blogs, He is managing several blogs like BLOGGER TRICKS from home.You can add him on Facebook and also on Google+......

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Rashid Minhaj is a B.Tech Holder in Electronics, He loves to making Blogging and Seo who is working online for last 7 years,he mostly creates blogs, he is managing several blogs.


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