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You Can Make Money From Adsense

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 Make Money From Adsense

AdSense is the most popular way to make money online from home but is it for real? Can you make money with AdSense? I will try and give you real answers based on my experiences as an AdSense user but and  also examples from successful websites that are using AdSense.

 Make Money From Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

The majority of Internet users and my friends just know name of google adsense they don’t know how to manage it and if some one know they don’t  place ad where adsense says and result slow earning , disable account , invalid click activity .Now let me clear about google.
* It is own by Google.
* It is absolutely free for publishers and with out investment you can start earning.
* Advertisers use the Adwords program to advertise their products or services on AdSense websites. 
* They pay when someone clicks on their ads (Pay per click) Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click then 68 cents will go to the publisher and 32 cents to Google. The cost per click calculation is based on an auction type system   
* It is very easy to use every one can make money.
* It is the most reliable advertising platform on the Internet  today and can generate the most revenue for publishers (compared to other similar PPC systems) AdSense besides content web sites is also available for videos, mobiles,games and search products. You can  also find out more deeply details about Google AdSense in the AdSense Help Center.

 What do you need to make money with AdSense?

So, AdSense is free, easy to use, you can earn 68% of the revenue – what else do you need to make money with AdSense? You need a good quality content and high rank website. AdSense wants content rich websites. Content can be of any type (including text, images, videos), provided that it shuold not violate the AdSense content policies.
You need a high quality website. It’s all not enough to publish content that does not violate AdSense content policies but you also need to provide for high quality content and keywwords on a high quality web site. Google  advertise for the money they pay so they don’t want their ads to appear on low and poor  quality websites. In the few years ago this was possible but the Now couple of years they have more hard policies on the type of websites you can run AdSense.

You need a LOT of traffics

AdSense is a good way to earn money online and it is perhaps the easiest method provided that you have a good amount of quality traffic coming to your website. I cannot tell you an exact number because the amount of money you can make depends on the earnings per click (EPC) and click through rate (CTR), but I don’t usually advice my visitors and friends to run AdSense on websites that have less than 300-400 unique visits per day. In general though, the more targeted traffic you have, the more money you can earn with AdSense.

You need to target the right keywords

If you are targeting the right keywords in your content then you can earn more money with AdSense or with any other advertising platform. What are the right keywords? Keywords are:
(1) advertisers to promote their products so the competition is greater.
(2) Action keywords are more effective when the users are more likely to ‘take action’ convert after they click.
To decide which keywords should be used on your web site, you can start by asking yourself the most simple, but relevant, question. Who needs the services that you offer? It’s an elementary question, but one that will be most important in searching for the correct keywords and having  the best search engine optimization. If you’re marketing specialty soaps, you will want to use words such as soap (which really is too broad a term), specialty soap, bath products, luxury bath products, or other such words that come to mind when you think of your product. It’s also important to remember to use words that real people use when talking about your products. For example, using the term “cleaning supplies” as a keyword will probably not result in a good ranking because people thinking of personal cleanliness don’t search for “cleaning supplies.” They search for “soap” or something even more specific, like “chamomile soap.” In addition to the terms that you think of, people also will look for web sites using variations of words and phrases  including misspellings. It might help to have friends and family members make suggestions of what wording they would use to find a similar product and include those words in your key-word research as well as misspellings of those words. An example might be “chamomile.” Some people may incorrectly spell it “chammomile,” so including that spelling in your keywords can increase yourchance of reaching those searchers. Also remember to use capitalized and plural keywords. The more specific the words are, the better the chance will be that your web site is targeted. Just remember that words such as “a,” “an,” “the,” “and,” “or,” and “but” are called stop words. These words are so com-mon they are of no use as keywords.

You need to fully comply with AdSense policies

Already as I said above AdSense represents 1/3 of Google’s revenue so they take the whole program very seriously. While it is relatively easy for everyone to get an AdSense account, if you don’t play by their rules 100% you risk losing your account. Even if you are an existing or new AdSense publisher make sure that you read their policies before implementing AdSense on your website. Remove from your mind any ideas for tricking the system and always remember that they have hired the best people to make sure that nobody will be able to bypass their rules and policies.

Adsense says every publisher to make your website for your visitor or users so i will be friendly but if you follow our privacy policy .

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