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Put Facebook Fan Page On Blogger Or Site.

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Many friends asked me how to put facebook fan box in blogger or any site so not to to worry i am sharing you today how can you install it on your blog or site.Go to facebook developer.Now follow simple steps.

Step 1.
Facebook page URL copy your and paste in box.
Step 2.
Width chose as you want.
Step 3.
Height will be default.
Step 4.
Show face tick there if you dont want to show face un tick box.
Step 5.
Here is two option Light and Dark click on box and chose any one what you want.
Step 6.
Stream if you want to see your post stream in box so tick other if dont want then un tick.
Step 7.
Show border   if you want then tick or dont want border out side of box un tick.
Step 8.
Show header it will show find us on facebook on top of the box if you dont un tick.
Then final click on GET CODE.Now new window will pop up see bellow.

Top of the 4 option chose IFRAME and copy code.
Then go to Layout >>Add a Gadget / HTML Java script>> paste that code in box and save.Done.

If you have any problem  about this post put question bellow comments box .

Rashid Minhaj

Rashid Minhaj is a (B.Tech Holder in Electronics), who is working online for last 7 years, He mostly creates blogs, He is managing several blogs like BLOGGER TRICKS from home.You can add him on Facebook and also on Google+......

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Rashid Minhaj is a B.Tech Holder in Electronics, He loves to making Blogging and Seo who is working online for last 7 years,he mostly creates blogs, he is managing several blogs.


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